Does studying Film and Video in the most exotic surf town in Europe sounds like the right thing for you?

There are millions of great ideas out there,
99% of them will never become a reality.
Do you wanna be in the other 1%?

All you need is a great team that will lead you the way and help you kickstart the journey.
Winning video is all about that !

Winning Video

is a first of a kind program that leads the way to entrepreneurs and business owners world wide, located in the beautiful surf town of Ericeira near the Atlantic ocean shores of the picturestiq Portugal.


In the program, you will get

Video marketing

Content strategy

Marketing funnels

Presenting to the camera

NLP and motivation

Live webinars and email marketing

Online courses, Affiliate marketing and how to generate income from your content

Great networking

3 days in Europe surfing paradise

Culture and great food

Top class media team

Industry rockstar program director

Best vibes in the world

A winning video of your own

A chance to apply for the “Super Brand VIP weekend”

Winning videos already helped many Businesses

This is one of my clients Jonthan Levi, Jonathan has an online business that generates 7 figures each year, this is what Jonathan had to say about my services.

Watch What Jonathan Says about the program

It is pretty crazy!

Just imagine going to a professional production company and getting a quote for a tailor made video for your business would probably cost 3 times as much as the whole program,

and here you are earning not only a video but a full seminar that will guide you for the future.

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About the 


Father, Husband, Filmmaker, and Entrepreneur.

Hey, I’m Yarin Goren, father, husband, filmmaker and entrepreneur. For over a decade I have been traveling and exploring each and every corner of the planet, for personal exploration, wave hunting, and spiritual growth I have also lived three years in Australia where I earned my bachelor degree in filmmaking from SAE Institute in Byron Bay. Since I completed my academic studies I moved back to my home town in Tel-Aviv, Israel and took part in countless projects such as feature films, commercials and documentaries.

I have established a boutique production studio which specializes in designing video for the online digital medium, working with clients such as PANDORA, ETORO, LACOME, WIX, SEAT, STARTAPP, MONTBLANC, SELINA.

In 2012, I was introduced to a few online learning platforms such as Lynda, Udemy and Skillshare and immediately I was hooked with the tutoring bug. Since then, I’ve designed and produced several online courses which can be found on various e-learning platforms.

The courses I’ve produced have been taken by more than 100,000 students around the globe. Currently, I have more than 4,500 active students on Udemy. I’m an avid surfer and a swimmer competing with elite master swimmers in Israel. Hopefully one day I can compete internationally as well as swim in open water events. As a waterman, I’m concerned about our planet’s health and ecology. In my free time if I’m not in the water I’ll be meditating, writing, spending time with my friends and family or hugging my girl Alexa.

Check what our students said about our programs


Let’s face the reality, producing quality content can be hard sometimes, writing, filming and editing can be a very specific job, it is just not easy.

Come to the seminar,
learn all the ins and outs
grab what you can and let us do the rest,
we will tailor you a winning video
specifically for your needs.

After the seminar you will have the right formula, motivation and tools to continue and improve in your video journey and at least you will have
1 great winning video to get things started.



Winning Video Program

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